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This is a Re-Post of a blog article from the Wanton.Shop website.  It could be an ice breaker for days like this, Feb. 14, 2023.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wanton.Shop blog article

December 1, 2022

Shop Talk


What do you want to talk about ?


Coffee table books, games, distractions, mindless entertainment, to help relax,….

Having a conversation over soup, dinner, or another meal is an art.


The old couples out there, who have been together for forty years, fifty years, they have a way; and the younger couples have a way of conversing and talking when eating.


Weather it’s couples, singles, large conferences or gatherings, sometimes the chatter that is like a busy bird feeder is nice; other times quiet, peacefulness without much talking is nice.


Hopefully there will be some nice get togethers this Holiday season.

Whether you have people to eat with, or if you don’t have nice people to eat with….




CHEW ,  cHEW, ……..


Swallow , Swallow, …..


Happy digestion.


From the Wanton.Shop blog




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