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It appears…. Tax Payer Dollars are going toward and paying for clouds that block the sunshine and warm energy after a freezing night in Winter days.


Comparable costs of creating clouds and gloom.

Using military style jet aircrafts and specialized aluminum solutions


Using campfires, local brush and leave fires, and other similar options.

The Rainbow Bright cartoon from the 1980’s and 1990’s is more fact than fiction.

Real Estate News….Building Conversion

Building Conversion

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Taking a building that was used as a car wash years ago, and had not been being used very often, a local dog care and doggy day care business acquired the building and began renovating!

Cleaning up dust and dirt, fixing up other areas, the drive-in stalls used for car washing now have comfortable flooring for the pads of dogs and caretakers.

Fresh paint on the building with the company colors and new signage lets people know their is a new business in the area and in the building.

The new location has much more traffic and visibility from the busy main HWY road near the entrance to the Village.

Recovering the parking lot and establishing backyard fenced in area are more of the building and property conversion that improved the building and area…….article continued in the RE Development page and section. see Building Conversion.